Bartaldi's Bride (Harlequin Comics) - Misuzu Sasaki & Sara Craven

Bartaldi's Bride (Harlequin Comics)

By Misuzu Sasaki & Sara Craven

  • Release Date: 2005-01-05
  • Genre: Women


All Selina Thorn wanted was to get to know her father. Assuming the worst of him, she applied to be his secretary. But as soon as Selina got to know him, she realized he was a great man and decided to stay by his side. But her father’s nephew keeps getting in the way of her budding relationship with her father. Piers assumes she’s only out to seduce him, and he’s determined to protect his uncle. And just maybe he wants Selina for himself! As Piers tries to resist his desires for Selina, will she be able to keep the secret of her birth?.