The Innocent's Shameful Secret - Sara Craven
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The Innocent's Shameful Secret

By Sara Craven

  • Release Date: 2017-05-01
  • Genre: Contemporary


Claimed by his touch… 

Alexis Constantinou haunts Selena Blake's every memory. Before his expert touch awakened her, she was nothing more than a naive schoolteacher. Now she dreams every night of his idyllic Mediterranean island, and the scorching affair that stole her innocence… 

Left carrying his child! 

But their brief time together left Selena with a shameful secret. And when family duty calls her back to Greece, she must face the man whose caress branded her as his! Seeing Alexis once more, Selena cannot ignore their still-sizzling passion, but dare she reveal the truth she's hidden from the world—the secret Constantinou heir!